Your Marketing Will Feel Effortless With Audience Mastery

Unlock the Secret to Attracting More Customers who Happily Pay What You Ask, Are a Pleasure To Do Business With, and Tell Everyone About You!

Discover Your Effortless Audience with Our Audience Mastery Program.

If you’ve ever felt like your content just isn’t hitting the mark, you’re not alone. Many of us pour our hearts into our marketing, only to find it doesn’t convert as expected. It’s time for a change.
Imagine connecting so deeply with your audience that they can’t wait to engage, purchase, and rave about your brand. That’s where the concept of an “effortless audience” comes in. It is a game-changer in how we approach marketing today.

It’s a Common Entrepreneurial Problem.

You’ve likely experienced the frustration of a campaign that falls flat, the perplexity of not quite grasping who your audience truly is, or the randomness of how customers find you. These challenges aren’t just common; they’re the hurdles every entrepreneur faces in the quest for meaningful engagement and predictable growth.

It’s Time for Audience Mastery.

Our Audience Mastery Program is designed precisely for this moment in your journey. By focusing on identifying and understanding your effortless audiences, those who resonate most with your message. We go beyond wishes and assumptions, giving you actionable strategies and tools. These resources are tailored to help you speak directly to the heart of your audience’s needs, ensuring your marketing not only resonates but also converts like crazy.
To cater to every stage of your entrepreneurial journey and ensure maximum impact for your budget, we’ve crafted three distinct pathways within the Audience Mastery Program. Choose the option that best aligns with your current needs and desired level of support:
Audience Mastery Intensive with StoryClub Membership
For those ready to take storytelling to the next level. Along with Audience Mastery Intensive, immerse yourself in storytelling masterclasses, live feedback sessions, and a supportive community for peer critiques.
Audience Mastery Intensive with StoryClub Membership
For those ready to take storytelling to the next level. Along with Audience Mastery Intensive, immerse yourself in storytelling masterclasses, live feedback sessions, and a supportive community for peer critiques.
Audience Mastery Intensive with StoryClub Membership
For those ready to take storytelling to the next level. Along with Audience Mastery Intensive, immerse yourself in storytelling masterclasses, live feedback sessions, and a supportive community for peer critiques.
The choice is yours. But before you decide, let’s dive deeper into the Audience Mastery Program.

Bursting With The Latest Tools and Techniques.

In our Audience Mastery program, we’ve distilled our latest techniques and tools to help you make your marketing work, predictably, every time. With this online class, you’ll unlock invaluable insights, including:
How to determine and prioritise your highest value audiences.
The secret to defining personas that resonate authentically.
Leveraging the personas you create for maximum impact.

Why should you care about all this?

Because using targeted personas can skyrocket your sales leads by up to 124%! And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that kind of growth?
Our program takes you on a transformative journey to truly understand your audience. We’ll explore the various audiences your business serves and learn to see the problems you solve for each of them through their unique lenses.
Throughout the training, we’ll dive into different phases to gain clarity on your audiences, including:


Defining Your Effortless Audience
We’ll identify the core customers that bring you the greatest rewards.


Buyer Persona Interviews
You’ll learn how to conduct effective interviews that reveal invaluable insights.


Ultimate Buyer Journeys
We’ll map out the ideal customer journey based on the data you’ve gathered.
But that’s just scratching the surface! Our program is packed with actionable steps, practical exercises, and real-world examples to ensure you gain mastery in understanding your audience. Plus, you’ll have all the exact tools we use when we do this work for our clients!

What’s in the program?

This is the complete Audience Mastery experience. It includes 5 modules with 16 bite size lessons, so you can master the content easily, no matter how busy your schedule.
It is approximately 2.5 hrs of our best, most current and juicy training yet! We’ve painstakingly assembled and distilled exactly what you need, and nothing more. Our intention is to save you precious time and energy while you get real results.
You also get full access to all the tools and templates you need to complete the work we guide you through, so you have the ultimate guide to converting your market into lifelong fans. These are the same tools we use, continually updated. And with our intensive option, we support your journey via our private community platform.

The Audience Mastery Program.

We’ve designed the ultimate program so you remove the guesswork and find your audiences who are ready, willing and able to buy.
Introduction to Audience Mastery
Identifying and Prioritising Audiences
Real Persona Development
Understanding Customer Journeys
Putting It All Together: Audience Mastery Action Plan

Get a Taste.

Here is the very first lesson of Module 1 Introduction to Audience Mastery as a taste of what you will be seeing when you buy. In this lesson you’ll see an all-too-common reason why one brand’s marketing was bombing!

Are You Ready to Resonate?

If there was only one piece of marketing advice we could give, it is this: Master your Audiences. It unlocks so much more than campaigns that convert! It empowers you to meet, and continue to meet, your effortless audiences with exactly what they need. Forever!
Now that you’ve seen the transformative power of the Audience Mastery Program, it’s time to choose the path that lights the way to your success. Whether you’re a self-starter, seeking support, or ready to master storytelling, we have a tier designed for you. Select the option that resonates most and take the first step towards captivating your audience and elevating your brand. Your journey to impactful communication and deep audience connection starts now.

Audience Mastery Options.

Audience Mastery Intensive with StoryClub Membership
Everything in Audience Mastery Flagship with extended support, Plus 6 months StoryClub Access


Elevate your audience connection and narrative power with our exclusive Audience Mastery & StoryClub Membership. This comprehensive program is your key to mastering impactful storytelling and understanding your audience on a deeper level. Along with all the goodness of our Audience Mastery Program, you’ll immerse yourself in Storytelling. Over six months, dive into specialised business storytelling masterclasses, gain personalised feedback, and join a community that champions your growth. Perfect for entrepreneurs ready to lead with confidence and creativity, and create content that converts.
Audience Mastery Program
Our flagship program with comprehensive support & community membership


Find your effortless audience and elevate your connection with our Audience Mastery Program. Created for entrepreneurs aiming to refine their marketing and communication to resonate and convert like crazy. This program equips you with the tools and insights necessary to identify and engage your effortless audience. Join a supportive community and leverage expert guidance, fostering growth and creativity in your entrepreneurial journey.
DIY Audience Mastery
The tools and training of our Flagship program, without support.


*Introductory price for limited time
Discover the power of self-guided success with our DIY Audience Mastery Program. Perfect for entrepreneurs ready to take their marketing and communication into their own hands, this option provides you with all the essential tools and training. Dive into our comprehensive resources at your own pace, unlocking the secrets to identifying and engaging your effortless audience. Propel your business forward on your terms, armed with knowledge and insights to resonate and convert effectively.

What is StoryClub

Immerse yourself in the art of business storytelling with StoryClub
This membership is tailored for those who’ve mastered the fundamentals through our Audience Mastery or ElectroMagnetic Brand Program. This enriching environment offers exclusive Storytelling Masterclasses, live sessions for hands-on practice and feedback, and access to a vibrant community for sharing and critique. It’s the ideal space to refine your storytelling, ensuring your narratives captivate and connect deeply with your audience.

Price: $997 + monthly $247*

*Audience Mastery or ElectroMagnetic Brand Mastery Alumni only.
Limited Time Bonus: Persona-Powered AI Prompt Mastery
Unlock the power of AI in your content strategy with this exclusive bonus. This training and guide will enable you to harness ChatGPT for crafting compelling content, tailored perfectly to your audience personas. You’ll build on the outcome from Audience Mastery to elevate your marketing game by integrating cutting-edge AI techniques. What could be better than leveraging tech to make your content faster, smarter, and more effective.
Here’s some of what you gain with this training:


Defining Your Effortless Audience
We’ll identify the core customers that bring you the greatest rewards.


Buyer Persona Interviews
You’ll learn how to conduct effective interviews that reveal invaluable insights.


Ultimate Buyer Journeys
We’ll map out the ideal customer journey based on the data you’ve gathered.
This training is valued at $697, but is yours for free when you join one of our supported Audience Mastery options.
Better than Risk Free Guarantee.
We are so confident it will work for you that we are willing to wear all the risk. So dive into the program and genuinely apply what you’ve learned. And if within 90 days you feel you haven’t gained the insights or results we’ve promised to transform your marketing, we will happily refund your investment and more. To ensure you leave with what you are looking for, on top of your money back you’ll receive a 90-minute marketing strategy session valued at $997.

Success Stories.

“Prior to the program, I struggled with being able to truly understand my audience, under Luke’s guidance, I gained a structured approach that empowered me to engage with past clients confidently, extracting essential insights key to my business growth. Luke’s personalised support and one-on-one sessions were particularly instrumental in building my confidence in this area.”

Caryn White

Certified Coach

“This program has been absolutely amazing! We’ve been able to create a new brand direction that connects with what my clients’ really want. It has transformed our business model and given our team a nobel new purpose! This program is a no brainer for all businesses today.”

Fiona Mehmet

“Knowing that storytelling is important is one thing but understanding how to do it is a whole other challenge, and Luke explained the process in a very practical way. But overall, the most beneficial part for me was having a group of like-minded people to discuss challenges and share ideas. I left with a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity and ready to get to work!”

Amy Logg

“As a seasoned Entrepreneur, when it came time to my start-up, I knew I needed expert help to set the foundations for growth. What I never expected was just how much this program would shape the business for the better. I cannot envision a successful business today NOT using this ElectroMagnetic Brand method.”

Sue Lewis

“The nurturing guidance and supportive community within the Audience Mastery Program have been a revelation. It’s reshaped how we communicate, bringing us closer to our audience’s hearts. Our messages now resonate on a deeper level, fostering growth and unity.”

Liling Ong

“This program has transformed the way we not only think about business, but do business. We have been able to understand what our brand’s narrative is, and unapologetically tell it in an impactful way. As a small-to-medium business it’s been a game-changer to empower our leaders and key marketing personnel to redefine our marketing strategies.”

Emma Singleton


Got questions? We’ve got answers. From program access to what you’ll need to get started, find out everything you need to know to make your decision with confidence.
We’ve listed all the modules and lessons down for you on this webpage. Scroll up and take a look. It is everything you need to truly understand your effortless audience and how to resonate with them.
The program itself is a series of small, bite sized videos delivered via our website. The LIVE Q&A sessions are Zoom, and streamed into the members website for those who choose to watch via a web browser. They are then available as on demand videos for replay.
The program training itself is 2.5 hours all up. After that, the workload depends on how many audiences you have. Our conservative recommendation is that you can complete the work around an already full schedule in 8-10 weeks.
There are no requirements or skills needed to do the program other than the technology to participate. We walk you through every step of the process so anyone can do it.
While we will have a stylish certificate for those who complete the program, it is not about that. It is about being able to confidently market any product or service for the rest of your life because you understand audiences. That is the real objective.
Any modern web browser will do the job. If you are seeing this now and the video on this page, then you can participate.
The support membership site contains the LIVE Q&A recordings and all the conversations that follow. Others on the journey will be there to connect and share their learnings too. We are big on accountability and the community helps this.
We are a supportive and encouraging team. We believe in the power of positive feedback, so we give you encouragement and guidance in the right direction. It is all based on what you put in.
The costs of each option are displayed above. We have provided different options to meet your budget. We do have our Sponge Double the Goodness grant for Impact businesses and Organisations that are strapped for cash. Find out more about that here.
The program is not a cohort style training with a defined start and end date, rather it is on demand so you can secure the current price and start when you are ready.

What are you waiting for?

Your audience is out there, waiting to connect with your brand on a deeper level. Let the Audience Mastery Program show you how to reach them. Do you want to let another day of potential conversions slip through your fingers? Choose your option above and let’s get started.
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