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#1 - Recordings From The Challenge

I get it. You’re busy in your business. Or, you get easily distracted. Or, life just simply gets in the way all the time. Maybe you have kids, maybe you have other work commitments, maybe the time zones don’t match, maybe you have client calls.
You find it difficult finding time, in your already almost non-existent spare time, to commit to parking it in front of your computer and be ready to focus.
Or, there might be so much GOLD delivered, that you might want to watch the replays again and again.

Take comfort knowing you can catch or re-watch the replays at ANY time that is convenient for you during the 3-days so there’s no pressure to catch everything on the live calls.

For you to get the best results, we designed the challenge for you to complete it in 3-days, for this reason, the replays are only available for the duration of the 3-days

#2 - Unlimited Q&A With Luke Personally

What questions would you ask an a seasoned pro at audience defining, if you had the chance?
Well, start writing a list because you’ll get UNLIMITED access to me where you can ask as many questions as you like!
Also, we open the doors THREE DAYS before the challenge starts to help prepare you and give you the best chance of success. Think of it as your own private mastermind..

#3 - Impact Brand Storytelling book - By Luke Faccini

Not so long ago I spent months writing a book on Storytelling for business. I wanted to create a step by step guide, the kind of book I wished existed when I started on my quest. This is that book.
It is A How To Guide For Businesses Hell-bent On Changing The World. In it I show you the exact impact brand story model I developed through trial and error for Sponge. And the same one we use with all our clients.
It will help you find and tell your authentic impact brand story, anchored on a foundation that builds an awesome culture. And that gives you a tribe of die-hard fans.

#4 - Impact Essentials Video Training

Did you know that the most powerful solution to attract and retain superstar team members, and customers for that matter, has very little to do with how your brand looks?
I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to seeing brands refreshing their logos and creating flashy campaigns. And that is important, but there are three areas that are going to revolutionise the way you think about your brand.
The first is your noble reason to be loved by your audience, or in other words, your impact model. This short and punchy training will guide you through why it is essential today and what it will do for your brand.

#5 - Culture Essentials Video Training

Culture by gut feel, or by old school business practices, only gets you so far. The world of work has changed dramatically and what top talent looks for in this highly competitive market requires a new way of thinking. We know! By our own experience, and working with clients.
We’ve learned that shaping an authentic, impact-infused culture code is what cultivates devotion in your team and audience. It unleashes their highest potential and productivity. It makes them never want to leave you, saving you the time, money and the heartache of constant turnover.
If you’re wanting to build a brand culture from scratch, or you’re looking to level up an already good culture code, this jam-packed training will level up your Culture

#6 - The 6 Story Frameworks for Business

You will nail your audience with our Effortless Audience Challenge. But then what? What stories do you actually need to tell to compel your audience to take the action you want?
We’ve found there are 6 key business story types. This guide will show you what they are, the types of audience they are for, and how to tell them.
It is a practical guide that teaches you the story formula, and includes a demo so you can start your storytelling today.

#7 - 5 Things Good for the World Brands do (that others don’t)

Today people are hungry for purpose. And awesome products or services are no longer enough. No doubt you feel this way too about the brands you choose.
To become such a brand, your culture and impact must be aligned, and communicated loud and proud. We see many good people struggle with this, as it’s not the traditional business approach. And that can leave you at a loss as to where to begin.
We believe genuinely good businesses can become good for the world brands. We understand that it takes a new way of thinking, which is why we have created this guide for you.

#8 - Brand Magnetism Booster Express Guide

Brand Magnetism doesn’t happen by chance. You’ve got to build your metaphorical magnet first. This guide will get you well on the path, and show you where to go for more.
We want you to not only boost your brand magnetism, but electrify it! An ElectroMagnetic Brand effortlessly pulls awesome new customers and team members to you. And they never want to leave!
To become ElectroMagnetic takes a simple, yet profound, understanding about your brand. It is not what you say you are, rather, it’s what you do. With that in mind, this guide packs enough punch to profoundly shift your business.

#9 - Peer Accountability & Networking

Accountability is the most powerful driver to get the work done – outside of an unshakeable purpose.
When starting something new, the support of peers on the same journey is where this begins. It gives you a base of trust, support and perspective – and can mean the difference between a mediocre and a successful outcome.
You will have a full Twelve days (196 hours) together in the group, and unlimited Q&A sessions to help answer some of your most pressing questions.
My group will be here for you every step of the way. Helping to push you forward. So you become the Marketing legend you’re meant to be. We’re all in this together.
This is a tight knit group and there’s a front row seat just waiting for you.

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