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Success Stories

Caryn White

Certified Coach


“Prior to the program, I struggled with being able to truly understand my audience, under Luke’s guidance, I gained a structured approach that empowered me to engage with past clients confidently, extracting essential insights key to my business growth. Luke’s personalised support and one-on-one sessions were particularly instrumental in building my confidence in this area.”

Liling Ong

Piex Education


“The nurturing guidance and supportive community within the Audience Mastery Program have been a revelation. It’s reshaped how we communicate, bringing us closer to our audience’s hearts. Our messages now resonate on a deeper level, fostering growth and unity.”

Emma Singleton

People Connexion


“This program has transformed the way we not only think about business, but do business. We have been able to understand what our brand’s narrative is, and unapologetically tell it in an impactful way. As a small-to-medium business it’s been a game-changer to empower our leaders and key marketing personnel to redefine our marketing strategies.”

Fiona Mehmet


“This program has been absolutely amazing! We’ve been able to create a new brand direction that connects with what my clients’ really want. It has transformed our business model and given our team a nobel new purpose! This program is a no brainer for all businesses today.

Amy Logg

Prudence Rehab


“Knowing that storytelling is important is one thing but understanding how to do it is a whole other challenge, and Luke explained the process in a very practical way. But overall, the most beneficial part for me was having a group of like-minded people to discuss challenges and share ideas. I left with a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity and ready to get to work!”

Sue Lewis

Trading Tree


“As a seasoned Entrepreneur, when it came time to my start-up, I knew I needed expert help to set the foundations for growth. What I never expected was just how much this program would shape the business for the better. I cannot envision a successful business today NOT using this ElectroMagnetic Brand method.”

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